New Update 0.0.6 The Secretive Update

Hello Sorry for not updating the game in a long time i wasn't in a game dev mood and i had some other inconveniences  if you are reading this on the 20th of September or the 21st of September the update most likely hasn't been uploaded yet look out for the update dropping in 1-24 hours

Fixed :

Fixed a bug where sometimes you would rotate if you jump off an axe or when going off a wall

Fixed a bug where some textures weren't loading (end message on level 4 and the axe)

Forgot to mention that i fixed a bug where you if anything falls it could reset the level (e.g axe or knockable wall)

Added :

Added 5 new levels these levels are secret levels however so you will have search for them ingame they have new mechanics

Learn About the new mechanics via the secret tutorial which is the easiest to find hidden level 

Added A new mechanic that can be accessed in any level, the mechanic will make platforming alot easier , the dash now resets
The Double jump however this comes with a downside the dash now has a longer cooldown (3 seconds from 1.5)

Added Effects to stages

Added a pause menu the will be replacing the quit button (to pause press esc or enter)

Changed :

Changed the speed of wall running as it was sometimes way too fast (it will still be faster than pre 0.0.4)

Changed the speed of wall climbing from 800 in the z direction to 900 in the z direction

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